In the lab

X-ART is realized in Digigraphie. This label is developed bij Epson for photographers,artists and museums to produce limited, certified editions of their original work of art, opening a new way on pictorial expression.

Real footway between tradition and modern, this technical label allows artists produce limited series of their original work at the highest quality possible, with exceptional durability that will last for generations. All the artwork printed on fine artpaper is numbered and signed by the artist.

Digigraphie is based on Epson's most advanced print technology, including UltrachromeTM and UltrachromeTMK3 professional inks, based on natural pigments, resine coated.These inks offer a perfect stability at light and excellence resistance that can overpass a century.

Digigraphie introduces a new original field on the photografic expression, creating a new artist language. This is the encounter between 2 talents apparently contradicting, the artist and the engineer. One is pulling in respect the will to reproduce the vision of an instant, the other one is trying to dominate the technology to render the artist will. This dual challange is a dreamscenario for a radiologist. Look for the artist