06/2009 The Scanner

The Scanner 2009

Christian Lauer was born in 1942 in Berlin. His father was internist, his mother ballet teacher.Christian Lauer was for more than 30 years head of the departement Radiology at the O.L.L.V.V.Lourdes Hospital in Waregem. With the installation of the 1. Computer-tomograph in Waregem in 1991 his search began for the new medical transparancy and for the new picture dimensions in the unlimited anatomical landscape. During the next years Christian Lauer was occupied with the idea that the fantastic imagery, present in the Radiology, could be also used for artistic purpose.

Christian Lauer chose consequently for the option of digital processing and by that he creates new picture, based on 3D virtual document of the human anatomy, ready for the lifestyle of modern flats and houses. The original touch of his works consists in hiding symbols in the new picture sceneries which are not recognized in the first moments of confrontation.Looking for the hidden reality - you must try it in steps, like a radiologist.